The year is already well underway, and it is time to look at the trends that will host 2016. You're already busy your wardrobe, and you've dressed your wrist for a new beautiful vintage watch? And if we deal with your eyeglasses... We have selected for you, five models elegant and in perfect harmony with their time. What give you some ideas before purchase you new tiles.

Little by little, eyeglasses have become an as aesthetically pleasing as necessary fashion accessory. Indeed, in the majority of cases, oakley sunglasses cheap, they accompany their owner throughout his life. Here is a good reason to choose them with attention and following current trends.

If Ray-Ban has created his legend with his models of solar cults, the American brand has also made a name for eyeglasses. Iconic pair output in the early 1980s, buy oakley sunglasses cheap, the Clubmaster declined in Optics is distinguished by its "browline" mount, supported at the level of the eyebrows. A model increasingly fashionable these last time, the mount is available in different colours or materials (wood, for example). Extremely trend in the 1960s, cheap oakley sunglasses sale, round glasses glasses are also on the front of the stage... and at the top of the nasal Appendix.

On the colors and patterns of the mounts, fashion is also vintage. Tortoiseshell, inter alia, managed the feat through the years without never to démoder. You have the possibility of support or the shades, according to the degree of originality of the sunglasses you want. One thing is certain, you will pass unnoticed.

Essentially retro, mounts to effect "Dip Dye" are distinguished by their gradient color - dark top, replica oakley frogskins, clear bottom. The model is ideal for putting your eyes in value. Finally, if you want a sober setting, you can always bring a bit of fantasy and color to your branches. What provide you a profile of star!