In Lyon, this new optician offers glasses at 10 euros in 10 minutes. At the entrance, an armada of sellers welcomes guests. First step: the choice of the mount. fake oakley sunglasses sale, Some 30 models are available ranging from 5 to 20 euros. Then, it is the choice of lenses.

To offer such attractive rates, the company provides in Korea for glasses, and China for mounts. But the price can climb quickly, oakley sunglasses replica, cheap oakley sunglasses, the pair most expensive little reach 220 euros.

Three new oakley stores will open in summer 2016 in China!

The idea of such a concept came from a young entrepreneur Lyon, Paul Morlet. At age 20, he has just opened his second choice. In the first, based in Paris, cheap oakley sunglasses for women, he sells between 100 and 400 pairs of glasses per day while on average, an optician sells two.

The optical market was down slightly in 2016, however, Paul Morlet does not want to stop here, it intends to open three new stores this year in France.